In this video on YouTube, I wanted to briefly share with you what I learned on my whiskey journey about 8 years ago. I shared my humble suggestions on how you can improve yourself in the whiskey culture, which started as a hobby for me but turned into a professional occupation over time.

In addition to my suggestions in the video, I also told about my experiences from the training I recently attended at Edinburgh Whiskey Academy. I hope these suggestions and notes will help you on your whiskey journey.

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4 Responses

  1. Peker

    Mr. Barış, I started to become interested again through a video of you that I accidentally opened about the whiskey that I left about 10 years ago. In fact, there was no whiskey I drank except for a couple of brands we knew before. (Jack daniels, red label ballantines, red label etc.) I decided to drink whiskey again with your videos, but this time to enjoy, not to get drunk. Which whiskey would you recommend I start with after 10 years???
    (In terms of economical transportation to whiskey)

  2. ali orhun

    Dear Barış Coral, thank you for being a light for us in this culture. It's nice to have a video plugin for the blog, but it would be great if you could add text. Since I love to read, I would like to learn by reading this information, thank you.

    • Baris Coral

      Thank you Mr. Ali. I also want to produce more content for every medium, but you will appreciate that unfortunately there is no time. I will start my book studies soon, I hope you will enjoy reading it when it comes out 🙂



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