There are many different whiskey glasses on the market. Don't miss the glass, each glass offers you a different drinking performance. Depending on the shape, size and even weight of the glasses, your drinking pleasure can vary greatly.

In this article, I will talk about the basic whiskey glasses available in the market and their features.


The Glencairn goblet produced by the Glencairn Crystal company, the founder of the company Raymond DavidsonIt bears the signature of . Inspired by traditional sherry tasting glasses, Davidson aimed to increase functionality and ease of use while offering whiskey lovers a high-level tasting performance with this glass.

The biggest advantage of Glencairn is that it successfully preserves the aromas of the whiskey and ensures a successful nosing deliver performance. The narrow rim also makes it easy to take a strong sip from the goblet. It is an ideal glass for tasting.

Due to its shape, Glencairn allows you to easily turn the whiskey in the glass, which makes it easy to do the "scrubbing" test during tasting.

In summary, we can say that the Glencairn whiskey glass, which has been increasingly used in recent years, is a full tasting glass.


Copita, one of the most used tasting glasses in the whiskey world, is also one of my favorite whiskey glasses. The Copita glass is a whiskey glass that looks very similar to a wine glass in appearance, with its large bowl and long stem.

The biggest difference of Copita, which has a narrow rim just like Glencairn, from Glencairn is that its upper part is slightly wider. Thanks to this width, Copita successfully retains aromas while at the same time allowing a certain degree of ventilation.

Another difference of Copita glass from Glencairn is that it has a thin and long stem. The biggest advantage of this long handle is that it allows you to drink your whiskey without heating it while holding the glass.

Tumbler (Classic)

Tumbler can briefly be called a traditional type whiskey glass. One of the most commonly used whiskey glasses, the tumbler has probably found a place in the homes of many whiskey lovers.

The tumbler, which offers a pleasant drink with its stylish appearance and easy handling, performs poorly when it comes to taste. The biggest reason for this is that the rim of the tumbler glass is wide and therefore it cannot preserve the aromas successfully. In addition, since the glass does not have any handle, we hold the glass from the container where the drink is located. By holding the glass in this way, we warm the whiskey in it as time passes.

Despite its poor tasting performance, we can say that the tumbler is one of the most suitable whiskey glasses for daily use. In addition, the tumbler is a very suitable glass for icy drinks and whiskey cocktails.


The Riedel whiskey glass has a very interesting design. I can say that Riedel's image reminds me a bit of Glencairn, a bit of copita, and a bit of a teacup.

The first notable part of the Riedel is the enlarged muzzle. As you may remember, it was aimed to provide a good nosing performance by preserving the aromas with the gradually narrowing rim in the Glencairn and Copita whiskey glasses. In Riedel, on the other hand, with the enlarged mouth, the focus is more on the palate instead of the nose.

The Riedel glass aims to spread the flavors to the palate in the most appropriate way with its widening mouth and to make it feel in the maximum amount.

With its unsuitable shape for nosing and a rather high price compared to other glasses, Riedel is a whiskey glass that I do not prefer for both tasting and daily use.


Although the snifter glass is generally used for cognac and brandy, it is also one of the preferred glasses for whiskey. The undisputed biggest advantage of this goblet is that it has a very stylish look…

Snifter is a very successful glass for nosing with its wide chamber and narrowing mouth. In addition, its large bowl helps the whiskey aerate and releases flavors.

Canada Glencairn

We can say that Canada Glencairn is a mixture of Glencairn and tumbler glasses. In this goblet, we see a design with a wide bowl and a narrow rim, just like the one in Glencairn. If the glass is different from the Glencairn, it is a little chubbier and does not have a grip handle.

With this design, Canada's Glencairn offers a successful nosing performance, while at the same time providing a comfortable grip in the hand. However, the absence of the handle may cause you to heat the whiskey while holding the glass, just like in the tumbler glass.


The Neat glass is a glass specially designed for whiskey tasting. The name of the glass stands for “Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology”…

According to the information written on its website, Neat is said to present the aromas more clearly by reducing the unwanted alcohol burning of the whiskey.

Although it is said that it is specially produced for whiskey tasting, I do not think that the Neat glass, which has a very wide mouth, is a suitable glass for nosing.

In summary,

I think the most important factor in choosing a whiskey glass is the purpose of my drink.

If your goal is to taste at home Glencairn and Copita glasses are the most ideal whiskey glasses in my opinion. However, if your goal is not tasting but daily drinking, the "traditional whiskey glass" tumbler It will always be the right choice.

Finally, just like whiskey preference, glass preference can vary from person to person. For this reason, I can say that the right glass for whiskey drinking is the one you enjoy holding and sip your whiskey with the most pleasure.

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  1. Dilan

    Doesn't the snifter glass harm the whiskey flavors due to its grip?

    • & Whiskey

      If it is held with the palm of the hand, as it will warm the whiskey over time, it may reduce the pleasure, but we cannot say that it "harms".


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