“How to Drink Whiskey?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions I get both on social media and during my tastings. My answer to this question never changes: "You can drink whiskey however you want".

Whiskey is a pleasure drink and it is best to drink it however you like it. There are many whiskey lovers around the world who consume whiskey in different ways. Dry, icy, on the rocks, with soda, cola or water…. This is entirely up to your personal preferences. Therefore, I do not find it right to call these personal preferences right or wrong.

Actually “How to Drink Whiskey?” I answered the question quickly, but of course, our article does not end here. In this article, I will talk about the most common consumption forms of whiskey and the effects of these forms on whiskey, not how whiskey should be drunk. At the end of the article, I will give a few small recommendations for whiskey beginners.

Sek İçim

If you drink whiskey for pleasure, you can drink it as you wish, but if you want to taste it and get the maximum amount of all the scents and aromas of the whiskey in your glass, the ideal is whiskey. straight and at room temperature is your drink.

In this way, you can get the scents and aromas that the brand, the distillery, that is, the producer, wants to offer you in the most efficient way, and you can understand the character of the whiskey more clearly.

For example, you are tasting a whiskey for the first time and you are curious about its taste. In this case, it would be right for you to drink it at room temperature and straight.

For the intricacies of whiskey tasting “Whiskey Tasting Guide: How to Taste Whiskey.” .

Whiskey & Ice

According to your personal preferences, you can put ice in your whiskey as you wish. The sentence "Whiskey is never iced", which is used a lot especially in our country, is wrong on its own. Ice can be put into whiskey, and ice has a serious place in whiskey culture. We often see whiskey and ice side by side in Scotland, Ireland, Japan or America. I should even point out that many whiskey brands often emphasize icy consumption in their communications.

Whiskey can be drunk with ice, but of course, if you consume whiskey in this way, it is useful to know what effects ice has on whiskey.

When you add ice to your whiskey, the melting ice will dilute the drink and both the alcohol content of the whiskey and the whiskey feel will be reduced to a certain extent. In addition, when you put ice in your whiskey, some of the flavors and flavors found in the natural character of whiskey are prevented from being released with sudden cooling.

If possible, use a large single piece of ice. This way, the watering of the whiskey will be later, as the ice will melt more slowly.

My preference is usually to drink whiskey dry. Especially in malt and complex blended whiskeys, I don't prefer ice because it destroys or reduces the notes I like. But especially in the summer months when the weather gets hot and malt whiskeys are heavy, it is a different pleasure to drink American whiskeys with ice.

Drinking the whiskey glass with ice to the brim “On the rocks” it's called.

Whiskey & Water

Putting ice in whiskey can destroy or reduce some of the aromas in the whiskey's character, as I mentioned above. The situation is a little different when you add water to whiskey.

If you drop a few drops of water into your whiskey, some of the molecules in the whiskey will react chemically and different notes will emerge both on the nose and on the palate. With this method, it is also possible to reveal the nuns that you cannot get from dry whiskey and to discover different characters of whiskey.

Dropping water on the whiskey is a frequently used method, especially in whiskey tastings. If you are trying a whiskey for the first time, you can add a few drops of water after tasting it dry and observe how the whiskey in your glass changes.

Whiskey & Cocktail

With the renaissance in the cocktail world in recent years, we see that whiskey cocktails, especially classics such as Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sour, are very popular.

We can say that many brands have adapted to this trend and have taken steps in this direction. Many brands, including Scottish brands, include cocktail images in their communications, emphasizing that their whiskeys can also be consumed with cocktails.

In addition, some brands share their cocktail recipes that can be made with that expression, along with their new products. Some of these recipes are even shown on the boxes.

Finally, let me state that cocktail workshops have been held in many international whiskey festivals in recent years.


Whiskey & Soft Drink

Consuming whiskey mixed with a soft drink is one of the most common forms of consumption. This type of consumption is common especially in people who have just started to consume whiskey. Although the choice of soft drinks here varies, the most preferred soft drink stands out as cola.

World-famous Jack Daniel's and Johnnie Walker There are box products produced by its brands to respond to this drinking habit of consumers.

Whiskey & Soda

It is one of the most common forms of consumption of whiskey. In fact, when you make this mixture, which sounds quite simple, you prepare a cocktail. This cocktail consisting of whiskey-soda mixture Highball Cocktail it is called. There are many different versions of this cocktail, which is usually served in a tall glass and with plenty of ice. Highball is a very popular cocktail especially in Japan.

In Japan, whiskey is served with soda. “Sodawari” it is also called.


Until this part of the article, we talked about the different consumption forms of whiskey. Now, I would like to answer 2 questions that I come across a lot again.

  • “This is my first time drinking whiskey, where to start?”
  • “Whiskey seems too heavy for me, but I want to try it. What can I do?"

Where to start whiskey?

Viski yüksek alkollü bir içki türü olması nedeniyle (minimum %40), birçok kişi için içmesi pek kolay bir içki türü değildir. Hele ki yüksek alkole alışık olmayan bir damağınız varsa ilk kez içtiğinizde viski damağınıza adeta sert bir yumruk atabilir. En azından benim ilk içişimde böyle olmuştu…

However, some whiskeys have a heavier, hard and intense character than others. For this reason, it would be better for those who will taste whiskey for the first time to choose soft and elegant whiskeys that will not strain the palate too much in order to have a good first experience.

First stage Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Jameson or Ballantine's You can turn to Blended (Blend) brands such as If you want to try a Single Malt, Singleton 12, Cardhu 12, Glenlivet 12, Glenfiddich 12 or Aberlor 12 You can prefer soft-drinking expressions such as


After these whiskeys, the job is now up to you. I say go wherever your palate takes you. You can try other expressions of the brand you enjoy, you can browse similar brands, you can go to similar or different geographies...

All whiskeys that I think are suitable for whiskey beginners. from this link you can take a look…

“Whiskey is too heavy for me…”

Let's say you have tried different brands and expressions, but the whiskey still seems hard and burning to you. In this case, the first suggestion that comes to my mind would be to reduce the alcohol in the whiskey. For this, even a few drops of water in your glass will be enough to reduce the burning of alcohol. You can increase the amount of water as you wish. The dripping method is also a method frequently used in tastings.

Another method is to chill the whiskey. In this way, you will make the whiskey easier to drink, but let me also point out that you will lose many of the aromas of the whiskey.

Finally, if it is difficult to drink whiskey alone, you can gradually accustom your palate to whiskey by mixing it in a cocktail or mixing it with different soft drinks in the first stage.

Photo Credit: tommyjohn.com

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