Is the whiskey iced or not?

In fact, the answer to this question is short and clear for many whiskey lovers: Whiskey is never iced! There were probably even some people who read the title and gave this answer in anger… But is it really that simple? Whiskey is never iced?

According to your personal preferences, you can put ice in your whiskey as you wish.. You can even put soda, water, cola or any carbonated drink in your whiskey if you wish. There are many whiskey lovers who enjoy drinking their whiskey in different ways like this one. Therefore, I do not find it right to call these personal preferences “wrong”.

Purpose of this article Beyond the right or wrong of these choices, it will be to share with you how they affect the taste of whiskey.

What happens when you put ice in whiskey?

First of all, when you add ice to your whiskey, you dilute your drink. Thus, the alcohol content of the whiskey is significantly reduced. If we take into account the melting of the ice, the whiskey gradually becomes watery and the whiskey taste decreases.

Room temperature is the ideal temperature for the distinctive features of whiskey to be perceived clearly on the nose and palate. When you put ice in your whiskey, the ice suddenly cools the whiskey and prevents certain notes from coming out. For example, it is not possible to get the perfume and fruity notes you expect from a Glenlivet 15 at the same intensity when you add ice to this whiskey. Or if you put ice in Lagavulin, which is famous for its intense peat and sooty smell, you will get these notes on the nose much less.

What happens when you put water in whiskey?

Putting ice in whiskey can take away some of the characteristics of whiskey, as I mentioned above. Water is the opposite. If you drop a few drops of water into your whiskey, some molecules in the whiskey will react chemically and different notes will emerge both on the nose and on the palate. With this method, it is also possible to reveal the nuns that you cannot get from dry whiskey and to discover different characters of whiskey.

In addition to discovering new flavors in your whiskey, you can use the water for another purpose, reducing the amount of alcohol. The alcohol rates of some whiskeys are slightly above the 40%-43% levels that we can show as standard. In this type of whiskey, a few drops of water will reduce the burning of the alcohol. Thus, you will get an easier-drinking whiskey and you can enjoy the aromas of the whiskey more easily.

Especially for whiskey beginners. I recommend this method for If you try all whiskeys, not just whiskeys with a high alcohol content, with a few drops of water, you will make it easier for your nose and palate to get used to whiskey. Maybe in this way, you can break your prejudices about whiskey such as “too hard, too hot, not good taste”.

My choice it's usually to drink whiskey dry. Especially in malt and complex blended whiskeys, I do not prefer ice because it destroys or reduces the notes I like. But if I am trying a new whiskey, it is very enjoyable to taste it first and then experience the changing character of the whiskey with a few drops of water.

As for whiskeys that go well with ice.I really like bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys with ice. Especially in the summer months when the weather gets hot and malt whiskeys are heavy, bourbon with ice is very enjoyable to drink.

On Irish whiskeysTwo things are not done to a man in Ireland: looking after his wife and throwing ice on his whiskey.Although it is an assertive saying such as ”, I sometimes prefer Irish whiskeys, which have lighter taste profiles compared to Scottish whiskeys, with ice.


As I said at the beginning of the article, you can choose whiskey with or without ice, with a few drops of water, or with cola if you want. There is no right or wrong here. Whiskey is a pleasure drink and the important thing is to drink it the way you enjoy it the most!


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