Whiskey or Whiskey??” The question is one of the first questions that everyone who meets with whiskey is indisputably wondering. The answer to this question may be very easy for many whiskey lovers, but I wanted to answer this question in one of the first articles of the site for those who do not know and are curious.

Actually, the answer is really simple. In short, it can be said as follows:

Whiskey; As we are more familiar in countries such as Scotland, Canada and Japan,whiskeypasses as “. In Ireland and America, he gets an extra -e and says “Whiskey" It is possible.

So why does this difference arise?

First of all, it is useful to know where the word “whisky/whiskey” comes from. “whisky/whiskey” in Welsh “usquebaughIt comes from the word ". It is pronounced “uisge beatha” in Scottish Gaelic and “uisce beatha” in Irish Gaelic. The meaning is "water of life (uisge) (beatha)“…

There are many stories about the extra -e between Whiskey and Whiskey. Among these, one of the stories that has a lot of space in the literature and that I love is as follows: In the 1800s, the quality of Scottish whiskey was much lower than that of Irish whiskey.

The Irish, who wanted to export their whiskeys to America, wanted to differentiate their whiskeys by adding an extra -e to distinguish them from the Scottish ones. For this reason, whiskey began to be called "Whiskey" in Ireland and America. “Whiskey” is up to the Scots…

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