Whiskey Show London, one of the largest whiskey fairs in the world, which whiskey lovers look forward to every year, was held in the historic Old Billingsgate building in London on 1-3 October 2021. Tickets for the fair, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic and organized online, are on sale this year both online and with live options.

It was really nice to attend the Whiskey Show London, which I last attended in 2019, after a break of a year, to taste the whiskeys I was curious about and chat with friends from the whiskey world. In this article, I will talk about my impressions of Whisy Show London 2021 in general and the whiskeys I tasted at the fair.

Briefly Whiskey Show London; 

This year's theme of Whiskey Show, which is held with a different theme every year “A Journey through Flavor” designated as. The Whiskey ExchangeAt the Whiskey Show London 2021, organized by , there were around 650 different whiskeys from all over the world. In addition to dozens of whiskey brands, there were drinks in different categories such as Rum, Gin, Sherry, Mezcal and Cognac at the fair.

You can taste the brand you want in the booth of the fair area, as well as attend the Masterclasses held at certain times for 3 days. Attending the Masterclasses, which have varying fees depending on the content, is very valuable to listen to the fields of expertise from the leading names in the whiskey world.

I attended the fair, which I attended for a single day in 2019, this time for 2 days, Friday and Sunday. Actually, my aim was to attend all 3 days, but the demand for the fair, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic, was quite high this year, so Saturday tickets were sold out immediately. Still, 2 days was more than enough to taste the whiskeys I wanted and enjoy the fair.

Whisky Show için aldığınız biletlerle fuarda bulunan viskilerin yaklaşık %90’ını tadabiliyorsunuz. Biletinize dahil olmayan viskiler “Dream Dram” olarak geçiyor. Eğer bu viskilerden denemek istiyorsanız ekstra token almanız gerekiyor. 1 Token £10’a eş değer. Her bir Dream Dram’ın farklı bir ücretlendirmesi bulunuyor. Örneğin, Talisker 43 Year Old Xpedition Oak 3 token değerindeydi.

At the Whiskey Show London 2021, which I attended for 2 days, I had the opportunity to taste about 80 expressions. Although most of them are whiskey, I was able to taste a few expressions in the Rum, Cognac and Mezcal categories.

I had the opportunity to taste it at Whiskey Show London 2021. expressions as follows:

  1. Glenfarclas 25
  2. Glenfarclas 30
  3. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1986
  4. Redbreast PX Edition
  5. Red Spot 15
  6. Compass Box Canvas
  7. Compass Box Orchard House
  8. Compass Box No Name
  9. Macallan Classic Cut 2021
  10. Macallan Sherry Cask 18
  11. Macallan Rare Cask 2021
  12. Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Legendary Eight
  13. Collectivum XXVIII
  14. Kilchoman %100 Islay 2021
  15. Kilchoman PX Sherry Cask 2021
  16. Kilchoman Loch Gorm
  17. Glengoyne 18
  18. Tamdhu 15
  19. Paul John Mithuna
  20. Stauning Rye
  21. Stauning El Clasico
  22. Woodford Reserve Brandy Cask Finish
  23. Woodford Reserve Wheat
  24. Chichibu The First 10
  25. Ichiro's Malt MWR
  26. Laphroaig 10 Year Old Sherry Oak Finish
  27. Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength Batch 13
  28. Blanton's Original Single Barrel
  29. Blanton's Gold Edition
  30. Nc'Nean Organic Single Malt
  31. Nc'Nean Botanical Spirit
  32. Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV
  33. Waterford Ballymorgan 1.2
  34. Waterford Bannow Island 1.2
  35. Waterford Biodynamic: Luna 1.1
  36. Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition
  37. John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend
  38. Talisker 43 Year Old Xpedition Oak
  39. Kavalan Soloist Port Cask
  40. Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
  41. Nikka Coffey Malt
  42. Bowmore 21 Chateau Lagrange French Oak Barriques
  43. Bowmore 25
  44. Balvenie 14 The Week of Peat
  45. Balvenie 17 Peated Cask
  46. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye
  47. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel – Barrel Strength
  48. Torabhaig Allt Gleann
  49. Octomore Edition 12.1
  50. Octomore Edition 12.2
  51. Octomore Edition 12.3
  52. Octomore Edition 10.4
  53. Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Tokaji Finish
  54. Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Manzanilla Finish
  55. Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Barolo Finish
  56. Whiskey Trail Ben Nevis 59.6% #46925
  57. Islay Violets 33
  58. Westland American Single Malt
  59. Westland Garryana
  60. Aberfeldy 15 French Red Wine Cask Finish
  61. Aberfeldy 21
  62. Watt Whiskey Caol To 10
  63. Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac
  64. Los Siete Misterios
  65. Foursquare Shibboleth 16
  66. Mount Gay Select 7 TWE Exclusive
  67. Bimber Ex-Bourbon Single Malt Whiskey Batch 3
  68. Bimber Selfridges Exclusive
  69. Bimber France Edition
  70. Bimber Oxford Circus
  71. Whiskey Show 2021 Bottlings Ben Nevis 25 51.2%
  72. Whiskey Show 2021 Bottlings Aurora Aldehydes
  73. Glenmorangie 13 Cognac Cask Finish
  74. Scallwag 10
  75. The Gauldrons

I will share the notes of the whiskeys I tasted at the Whiskey Show in detail in the coming days. This is my sharing “My Tasting Notes” or “My Tasting Notes from A to Z” You can follow the titles. In this article, I will share the prominent whiskeys that I have tasted.


What I can deduce from the conversations we had with the friends attending the London Whiskey Show is that this year has been a little dimmer than the previous years. I agree with that to a certain extent. Although the number of expressions is not less compared to previous years, I can say that the stands of some brands upset the whiskey lovers a little. Especially the Glenmorangie, Ardbeg and Glendronach stands were rather uninspiring when we considered the rich portfolios of the brands.

House of Dramas: As soon as I entered the fairground, one of the first stands I stopped by was Diageo's stand. I also had the chance to chat with Talisker Brand Representative Jason Clark and Aimée Gibson from the Johnnie Walker Blending team at the stand where all the whiskeys in the Diageo portfolio were displayed under the name “House of Dramas”.

Among the whiskeys I tasted here, I must say that I really liked John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend and Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Legendary Eight, which were released for the 200th anniversary of Johnnie Walker.

John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend

For Talisker 43 Year Old Xpedition Oak, which we tasted together with my dear friend Tankut, it is a little difficult to comment, since it is a highly layered whiskey, I will have to taste it 1-2 more times.

Talisker 43 Year Old Xpedition Oak

Redbreast PX Edition: I can say that it was one of the most enjoyable whiskeys of the London Whiskey Show for me. Redbreast PX Edition, which is finished in Pedro Ximénez hogshead barrels after being matured from Bourbon and Oloroso sherry barrels, carried the sweet-spicy balance of the brand that we are accustomed to a little sweeter. It is a very aromatic whiskey. A delicious whiskey for Redbreast and sherry cask lovers like me.

Redbreast PX

Compass Box: Just like in 2019, Compass Box was a stand I spent a lot of time on this year. I tasted 3 new expressions of the brand, which has recently entered Turkey. Among them, the Compass Box Canvas was my favourite. It is a very aromatic, rich whiskey. Although Orchard House may seem a little flat, it delivers what it promises with its bottle, namely the fruity character.

Macallan: One of the most crowded stands of the London Whiskey Show was of course Macallan. I was able to taste the newly released Macallan Rare Cask 2021 and Macallan Classic Cut 2021, which I was very curious about and finding my place among the crowd. I can say that I like Classic Cut more than 2018. Lots of vanilla, marzipan, ginger and oak. And of course, it wouldn't be possible without drinking Macallan Sherry Cask 18, which will never hurt while you're at it...

Macallan Classic Cut 2021

Kilchoman: Like Compass box, it is a brand that entered our country recently and that I follow closely. Located in Scotland's Islay region, Kilchoman puts the Islay emphasis forward in some of his expressions. Kilchoman I tasted at the fair %100 Islay 2021 de bu viskilerden biriydi. Islay bölgesinde tek bir çiftlikte üretilen arpalardan damıtılan ekspresyon Bourbon ve Oloroso şeri fıçılarında olgunlaştırılmış, ortaya da elma, vanilya, üzüm, deri ve zencefil aromalarıyla harika bir viski çıkmış.

Kilchoman Loch Gorm

Octomore: I saved Octomore, which is famous for its intense sooty character, for the last day. When the whiskey list on the show was announced, one of the first things that caught my attention was the Octomore 12 series. Although it was tiring to try the 3 expressions of the new series side by side, it was extremely enjoyable. My favorite in the 12 series was the Octomore Edition 12.2, which was aged in first-fill Sauternes barrels for 18 months after the first and second-fill Bourbon barrels. It is a beautiful harmony of intense business character with fruity elegant flavors.

Octomore Edition 12.2 with 129.7 ppm

Bimber: Bimber is a very popular brand that we have started to hear frequently in the whiskey world in the last 1-2 years. I had tasted Bimber, which is known as “London Single Malt” a few times before, but I could not warm it up. I stopped by their booth both to give it another chance and to listen to the brand a little bit from them. The B I TastedI can't say that I find imber Ex-Bourbon Single Malt Whiskey Batch 3 and Bimber Selfridges Exclusive very balanced. But Bimber France Edition and Bimber Oxford Circus were just as enjoyable. To understand Bimber, it is necessary to taste more.

Bimber Oxford Circus

Waterford: The other brand I wanted to explore at this fair was Waterford. Located in Ireland, Waterford is a brand that emphasizes the importance of the concept of terroir in whiskey and has determined its entire strategy accordingly. Saying that the field where barley is grown makes a big difference, just like grapes, Waterford has series produced from barley obtained from different fields.

Waterford Bannow Island 1.2

Westland: Giderek büyüyen “American Single Malt” kategorisinin temsilcilerinden Westland, benim ilk kez tanıştığım bir marka oldu. “American Single Malt” tabiri henüz regülasyonlarla tanımlı bir kategori olmasa da Westland gibi üreticilerin bu kategorinin regüle edilmesi ve belli bir kalitenin sağlanması adına yoğun çalışmaları olduğunu söyleyebilirim. 2 ekspresyonunu tattığım Westland’in daha önce tattığım hiç bir Amerikan viskisine benzemediğini söyleyebilirim. Tabii ki bunun en büyük neden tıpkı İskoç Maltları gibi %100 arpadan geleneksel imbiklerde üretilmeleri.

Westland Garryana, aged from casks of Quercus Garryana, known as Garry Oak.

Jack Daniel's: Actually, I didn't add any Jack Daniel's expressions to my tasting list, but 2 bottles caught my attention as I passed by: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel – Barrel Strength. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is a whiskey that I really enjoy, and I always tell you how much I love rye whiskeys. I thought it would be nice to combine the two. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye is more spicy and hot than standard Single Barrel. It's fun, but frankly, my preference would be the standard Single Barrel.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

%64.5 alkol derecesine sahip Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Barrel Strength

Tattığım viskiler arasından bir sıralama yapmam gerçekten çok zor ama bu şova dair aklımdan çıkmayacak viskileri merak ediyorsanız ilk söyleyeceğim viskiler Chichibu The First Ten, Glenfarclas Family Cask 1986, Glen Moray Warehouse 1 Tokaji Finish, Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength Batch 13 ve Kilchoman %100 Islay 2021 olurdu.

I'm wrapping up my article by adding Ben Nevis 25 (51.2%) bottled specially for the Whiskey Show and Foursquare Shibboleth as Rum.

Whiskey Show Ben Nevis 25

Foursquare Shibboleth is at the top of my Greek list…


It was very difficult for me to briefly share the highlights of the whiskeys I tasted in one article. I hope I was able to convey my impressions of the London Whiskey Show 2021 and make you feel there a little bit.

It was very enjoyable to meet and chat with friends from the whiskey world at the London Whiskey Show, as it always is. Unfortunately, there was no participation from Turkey this year due to the pandemic, but despite this, we were able to come together with a few Turkish whiskey lovers living abroad. It is very nice to taste different whiskeys and make discoveries, but what makes it really enjoyable is to make these discoveries with friends and chat about the whiskeys tasted.


London Whiskey Show 2021 souvenir

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