In the tasting workshops given by Barış Mercan, all subjects related to whiskey and whiskey culture are covered in depth. The tasting workshops, which can be organized both live and online, appeal not only to those who want to enter the whiskey culture, but also to those who have knowledge and want to improve themselves.

To organize whiskey tasting workshops for your group of friends or company and to get detailed information Instagram (@barismercan) to my account or You can send a message to your e-mail address!

In the whiskey workshops, the narrative starts with general topics such as whiskey history, production, whiskey types, whiskey countries. After this narrative, whiskeys from all over the world are tasted, and the characteristics and differences of each geography are mentioned. During the tasting, which takes the form of a conversation, topics such as how to taste whiskey and what to pay attention to are discussed.

Whiskey tastings and details on the calendar from this link .

Regular tasting workshops have different themes. Some of these are: Introduction to Whiskey Culture, Scotch Whiskeys, Irish Whiskeys, American Whiskeys, Single Malt Tasting, Smoky Whiskeys, World Countries, Whiskey & Cigars, Whiskey Cocktails, Whiskey & Chocolate, Whiskey Companions…

You can participate in the tastings held periodically with mixed participants, or you can make tasting requests for your own group of friends or company.

For more detailed information about whiskey tasting workshops Instagram (@barismercan) to my account or You can send a message to my e-mail address!

Important: The purpose of whiskey tastings is to bring together people who are interested in this culture and share a common taste and have a pleasant time. Tastings do not have any purpose such as advertising, product sales or promotion.