Whiskey is defined by many as a drink for cold weather, as it is a high alcoholic drink that is usually drunk at room temperature. For this reason, whiskey leaves its place to beverages such as beer, raki and gin that are more suitable for cold drinking in summer.

However, there are some small tips that will allow you to continue your whiskey enjoyment when the weather warms up, as well as whiskeys with a more suitable character for these weathers.

In this article, I will share a few tips that will make your whiskey drinking “easier” and more enjoyable for hot summer days, and whiskeys that I think may be suitable for this weather.

Cold Drink

In my previous articles, I mentioned that when you chill the whiskey, it reduces some aromas. (You can take a look here). But since our topic in this article is to drink whiskey in hot weather, let's focus on facilitating the whiskey drinking, which is our priority, by ignoring the lost aromas.

The most direct way to make whiskey drinking easier is to chill it. Instead of putting plenty of ice or keeping the bottle in the refrigerator for too long while cooling the whiskey, starting to cool it 10-15 minutes before drinking will allow you to preserve the aromas to a certain extent.

In addition to cooling the whiskey, keeping the glass in the freezer for a while before drinking can also increase your cold drinking pleasure.

Big Ice

When you want to put ice in the whiskey, you can choose to put 1-2 large ice cubes instead of many small ones. This way, since the ice will melt later, you will not dilute the whiskey while cooling it.

To make big ice in your home, you can find square or spherical ice molds with a little research on the internet.

Whiskey & Cold Water 

I have mentioned in many articles that whiskey & water are frequently used in whiskey tastings and the effects of water on whiskey. Water allows you to discover new tastes by revealing different aromas in whiskey.

The water used here is usually at room temperature, but since our subject is hot weather, water that has been kept in the freezer may be more accurate. In this way, it may not be possible to discover new flavors, but you can make it easier to drink by lowering the high alcohol of the whiskey and cooling it slightly.

Whiskey Stone

Whiskey stones, which can be produced in different materials such as marble, granite, steel, plastic and aluminum, are generally sold in cubes, but it is also possible to see them in different shapes. Although it is not as effective as regular ice in cooling the whiskey, whiskey stones can be a good option to make it easier to drink by cooling the whiskey by 4-5 degrees without diluting it.

For more detailed information about whiskey stones “What is Whiskey Stone & How to Use It?” You can check out my post…

Best Whisky Cocktails

Although there are many "traditional" whiskey lovers who argue that whiskey should be drunk dry, whiskey cocktails have become very popular, especially in recent years. Of course, the fact that many whiskey brands emphasize the use of whiskey in cocktails in their communications, and even create their own cocktail recipes and share them with consumers, has a great impact.

Although I generally prefer whiskey dry, I can enjoy whiskey cocktails, especially in hot weather. Among my favorite whiskey cocktails old fashioned and Whiskey Sour exists. I also made these with cold coffee and whiskey. Whiskey Cold BrewI can also add .

Here are a few examples of whiskeys that I think are suitable for hot summer days:

Johnnie WalkerWhite Walker: Although it is offered for sale with the theme of “Winter is here”, I think Johnnie Walker White Walker is a whiskey that is very suitable for cold drinking. A soft-smooth expression dominated by vanilla and caramel flavors.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon: Offering a wonderful balance of sweet-spicy aromas and oak character, this Premium Bourbon is a whiskey that I like very much with ice.

Dalwhinnie 15: Who said Single Malts are only drunk dry… Dalwhinnie 15 is one of the malts I enjoy with ice. An elegant, full and aromatic expression with fresh fruit, chocolate, spices and very light soot.

Connemara Peated Original: It is an ideal whiskey for those who don't want to give up on sooty whiskey even in summer. Delicious smoked flavors enveloping the aromas of honey, vanilla and toffee. Connemara Peated is a very balanced and soft Irish malt.

Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch Wine Cask Blend: This expression of Johnnie Walker is an aromatic and soft whiskey that can be enjoyed especially by those who like wine aromas. Wine Cask Blend can be used cold or with ice, as well as in cocktails.

Chivas Mizunara: Chivas's expression, matured from Japanese Mizunara barrels, is a blend that I associate with my cold drink with its fruity and spicy character.

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