I should mention from the beginning that I do not think that there is a necessity to drink a whiskey at the right time. You can drink any whiskey whenever you want, depending on your taste or mood.

But I think that drinking some whiskeys at certain times increases the whiskey pleasure even more…

To give an example, I generally prefer Islay whiskeys in winter, sherry whiskeys in spring and soft whiskeys in summer.

In this article, I describe the hot weather and drink it with pleasure. “Summer Whiskeys”I will share a few examples.

Malt Whiskeys

Malt whiskeys are generally known for their complex and intense character. But there are some malt whiskeys that, despite their intense character, are quite easy to drink and well-balanced. These whiskeys do not tire you in hot weather and leave a soft and elegant aroma on the palate.

Aberfeldy 12

With its intense fruity character, easy drinking and fresh aromas, Aberfeldy 12 is a very suitable malt for summer months.

Aberfeldy 12 also has very light peat flavors. In general, peat flavors give whiskey a tiring intense character, but in this expression, these flavors appear as smoked flavors and complement the fruity character very well. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Glenfiddich 15

My favourite Glenfiddich Glenfiddich 15 is a summer malt with its rich fruity flavors and fresh texture.

Glenfiddich 15 is a balanced, creamy and easy-drinking malt, which has the extra richness of being produced by the Solera method and maturing in 3 different barrels. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Macallan Fine Oak 15

Macallan Fine Oak 15 is one of the first whiskeys that comes to mind when I think of summer malt. It can be a good choice for those who say that they cannot give up malt whiskey in summer. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Glenmorangie Original

One of the best selling single malts in Scotland, Glenmorangie Original is a very soft and fruity whiskey.

Short ending and other Glenmorangie Although they are not as complex as their expressions, when we evaluate them for hot weather, these negative features stand out as positive features. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Blended Whiskeys

Blended whiskeys, consisting of a mixture of malt and grain whiskeys, generally have lighter and softer characters compared to malt whiskeys.

Although there are blends as complex as malts in the market, many blends do not have as sharp flavors as malt whiskeys as they are produced to suit the tastes of large masses.

Light but rich blends that will not tire your palate, They will be suitable choices for warmer months.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label, which contains Clynelish malt at its center, is an expression in which honey, peach and vanilla aromas stand out.

With its floral structure on the nose and silky flavor on the palate, Gold Label is the expression that I associate with my icy drink as well as my dry drink. (Detailed tasting notes)

Islay Mist Deluxe Blended

If the hot weather does not prevent you from drinking sooty whiskey, Islay Mist Deluxe Blended may be a suitable choice for you.

Islay Mist, which is a complete mixture of Speyside and Islay, is an expression that will satisfy both those looking for sooty aromas and those who want a creamy soft drink. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Dewar's 15

in the center AberfeldyDewar's 15, with its easy-drinking and elegant character, can be a good choice for those looking for a light yet rich whiskey in summer. (Detailed tasting notes…)

American and Irish Whiskeys

For many whiskey lovers, perhaps the most suitable whiskeys for summer are American and Irish whiskeys.

Although both countries have intense and rich whiskeys that I think should be drunk dry (such as Redbreast, Green Spot, Teeling Small Batch, Jameson Caskmates, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, Buffalo Trace), profiles of the most popular brands and expressions in general It is very suitable for ice or cold drinking.

Jack Daniel's Old No.7

The standard expression of the Jack Daniel's brand may be one of the first whiskeys that come to mind when it comes to whiskey with ice.

I like sweet notes such as vanilla, maple syrup and caramel and accompanying burnt aromas in my cold or iced drink. (Detailed tasting notes…)

Jameson Original

One of the first brands that come to mind when Irish whiskey is mentioned, Jameson's standard expression, Jameson Original, is a perfect summer whiskey. With its soft and sweet character, it can be a suitable whiskey for hot summer days.

I would not recommend putting ice in Jameson Original, as it is too soft, if you put ice, you may feel like you are drinking more water than whiskey… (Detailed tasting notes)

Teeling Single Grain

%95 mısır – %5 Malt arpa içeriğine sahip Teeling Single Grain, oldukça yumuşak karakterli tatlı bir ekspresyon.

Teeling Single Grain, which has a rich aroma given by being matured in California red wine barrels, is an ideal whiskey for dry or slightly cool drinking in summer. (Detailed tasting notes)

Bulleit Rye

Bulleit Rye is one of my favorite whiskeys with ice. The sweet and intensely spicy flavors are really well balanced in a glass with ice or a slightly cool glass. (Detailed tasting notes)

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