As WhiskeyTalks Tasting Club, we held two tastings this year, Glenmorangie and Blended Whiskeys. Although we had the last tasting recently, we came together for another tasting without breaking the distance.

Our theme in this taste “3 Distillery & 3 Whiskeys” we determined. Our aim was to understand and compare the characters of the brands by trying the standard expressions of different distilleries. 

A little note: I think one of the best ways to understand the character of a distillery is to taste that distillery's standard expression. If there are brands that you are curious about, I recommend you to start with these expressions.

As the distillery, we chose the distilleries and their standard expressions that we would like to get to know more closely. My preference is that I haven't been drinking for a long time and I've been returning to the fields "again" soon. Glenlivet 12 it happened. Other expressions are those that the group is very curious about. Dalmore 12 and generally loved by everyone. Aberlor 12 it happened.

Before the tasting, we talked a little about distilleries. Meanwhile, we reinforced our knowledge by learning interesting information about each brand.

In tasting, our rankings were Glenlivet 12, Aberlour 12 and Dalmore 12 (Soft to Dense). Here are the brief tasting notes for each expression:

Glenlivet 12: Floral and fruity on the nose. Apple, pear and peach are in the foreground. Additionally oak and vanilla. Apple, vanilla, lemon and light cinnamon on the palate. The finish is medium long and fruity.

Aberlor 12: On the nose, notes of vanilla, cinnamon and oak are accompanied by orange and raisins. Dense and bodied on the palate. Cinnamon, raisins and oak predominate. In addition to caramel, brown sugar, chocolate and nuts. The finish is medium length, raisin, oak and bitter. (Detailed tasting notes)

Dalmore 12: On the nose, raisins, vanilla, chocolate and tropical fruits are in the foreground. Very intense and rich on the palate. Vanilla, raisins, chocolate, coffee and cinnamon. The finish is medium length. Oak, grapes and cinnamon.

Summary of Tasting

The whiskey that stands out in general and is enjoyed the most by the group Aberlor 12 it happened. In addition to its full and bodied structure, I think the biggest plus of Aberlor is that it has a soft drink.

Glenlivet 12 Although it was very popular, it remained in the background due to its lighter and fruity character compared to other expressions. The thing everyone agreed on for Glenlivet 12 was that this expression is a summer malt…

Although my favorite in this flavor is Aberlor 12 like the rest of the group, Dalmore 12I can say that I enjoyed it just as much. I really liked the intense and sharp aromas of Dalmore on a slightly cool spring evening.

When evaluating a whiskey, time and place can be as effective as the whiskey itself.

If you are interested in this tasting;

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