2020’nin ikinci WhiskeyTalks sohbetinde konumuz “Puro & Viski” olacak! Puro ve viski, Küba seyahatim sonrasında en çok sorulan ve talep edilen konuların başında geliyordu. Bu nedenle de sıcağı sıcağına bu konuya değinmek istedim.

Tuesday, January 28 günü 19.30’da puro konusunda bilgisine çok güvendiğim yakın dostum Fatih Arslanbay In the chat we will organize with you, we will talk about all issues related to cigars, we will talk about the pairing of whiskey and cigar, and the similarities of the two cultures.

The content of the tasting is briefly as follows:

In the tasting, we will first cover basic topics such as the history, production, and types of tobacco and cigars. Then we will light our Cuban cigars and sip our whiskey. We'll talk about the different brands of cigars and the details of whiskey & cigar pairings throughout my drink.

During the tasting, which will be in the form of conversation, we will discuss topics such as how to light a cigar, how to store it, how to taste a cigar, and what should be considered during the tasting.

For detailed information;

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