(The quota is full)

Date: Friday, November 5

Hour: 20.30

Location: Zoom

Contents: Compass Box Tasting

Duration: Although the average duration of the training is 3 hours, depending on the question-answers and conversation after the training, this time may be longer for the participants who wish.

Level: (Introductory-Intermediate-Advanced) Those who have not experienced the Compass Box brand before, those who are curious about the concept of independent bottlers, and those who want to taste different Compass Box expressions side by side and explore different styles.

Subject headings:

  • Whiskey 101 (Whiskey history, production, varieties)
  • Latest developments in the whiskey world.
  • Compass Box and standalone bottlers.
  • Whiskey Tasting:
    • Whiskey tasting techniques.
    • Detailed information on tasted whiskeys and brands.

To learn the conditions of participation and to make a reservation @horizon_consultancy Just send a message to their Instagram account.

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