(The quota is full)

Date: 30 Ocak Cumartesi

Hour: 20.30

Location: Zoom

Duration: Although the average duration of the training is 3 hours, depending on the question-answers and conversation after the training, this time may be longer for the participants who wish.

Level: Viski kültürüne giriş yapmak isteyenler, viski konusunda tecrübesi olup bilgisini derinleştirmek isteyenler.


  • Viski tarihi: Genel bakış, önemli yıllar ve gelişmeler.
  • Misconceptions about whiskey.
  • Whiskey production: Detailed explanation of each step.
  • Types of whiskey.
  • Sectoral developments and innovations in the whiskey world.
  • Differences between countries.
  • Viski eşlikçileri.
  • Whiskey Tasting:
    • Whiskey tasting techniques.
    • Detailed information on tasted whiskeys and brands.

To learn the conditions of participation and to make a reservation @horizon_consultancy Just send a message to their Instagram account.

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