“The World's 50 Best Bars”, one of the most prestigious awards in the bar/restaurant industry, has been announced.

The list announced by the William Reed Business Media group every year in November-December has become a list that both the industry and consumers look forward to every year. First announced in 2009, the list is the result of reviews by nearly 600 drink experts from around the world.

The name that is at the top of the list this year is the winner of last year, and it is located in The Connaught Hotel in London. The Connaught Bar it happened. 2nd on the list again from London Tayēr + Elementary exists.

When we take a quick look at the top 50, cities such as London, Singapore, New York, Barcelona and Sydney draw attention. Singapore, which is in the top 50 with exactly 6 bars, sees it as one of the cities that will shape the sector in the coming years.

It made me very happy to have been to 4 bars in the top 5 ranks this year. I think especially Connaught Bar and Paradiso definitely deserve the top 5.

Here is the list of the “World's 50 Best Bars”:

  1. Connaught Bar (London)
  2. Tayēr + Elementary (London)
  3. Paradiso (Barcelona)
  4. The Clumsies (Athens)
  5. Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires)
  6. Licoreria Limatour (Mexico City)
  7. Coa (Hong Kong)
  8. El Copitas (St. Petersburg)
  9. Jigger & Pony (Singapore)
  10. Katana Kitten (New York)
  11. Two Schmucks (Barcelona)
  12. Hanky Panky (Mexico City)
  13. Insider Bar (Moscow)
  14. Father Au Rum (Athens)
  15. Manhattan (Singapore)
  16. Atlas (Singapore)
  17. Zuma (Dubai)
  18. The SG Club (Tokyo)
  19. Drink Kong (Rome)
  20. 1930 (Milan)
  21. Presidente (Buenos Aires)
  22. Maybe Samy (Sydney)
  23. Cantina OK! (Sydney)
  24. Salmon Guru (Madrid)
  25. Handshake Speakeasy (Mexico City)
  26. No Sleep Club (Singapore)
  27. Camparino in Galleria (Milan)
  28. Café La Trova (Miami)
  29. Little Red Door (Paris)
  30. Dante (New York)
  31. Kwant (London)
  32. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo)
  33. Tres Monos (Buenos Aires)
  34. Attaboy (New York)
  35. Lucy's Flower Shop (Stockholm)
  36. MO Bar (Singapore)
  37. Sips (Barcelona)
  38. Baltra Bar (Mexico City)
  39. Sober Company (Shanghai)
  40. Tjoget (Stockholm)
  41. Epic (Shanghai)
  42. Charles H (Seoul)
  43. Tippling Club (Singapore)
  44. Above Board (Melbourne)
  45. Galaxy Bar (Dubai)
  46. Re (Sydney)
  47. Sidecar (New Delhi)
  48. Union Trading Company (Shanghai)
  49. Darkside (Hong Kong)
  50. Quinary (Hong Kong)

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