We are used to people investing their savings in investment instruments such as foreign currency, gold, stocks, bonds, funds or real estate. We can even add cryptocurrencies that we have heard frequently recently.

So how about investing your money in whiskey?

The whiskey fund, founded by a whiskey enthusiast entrepreneur in Sweden, Single Malt Fund With this, whiskey lovers will be able to evaluate their investments by purchasing whiskey!

Single Malt Fund is the first public whiskey fund in the world. As I will mention in the rest of the article, as long as the demand for rare whiskeys and the prices increase accordingly, we will hear more about similar funds in the coming years.

The whiskey fund system works as follows;

The fund finds and incorporates limited edition and extremely rare valuable whiskeys. Selected by portfolio managers who are experts in whiskey and investment, these whiskeys and a whiskey collection, namely a “Whiskey Fund” being created.

Macallan M

Those who want to invest in this fund, which consists of valuable whiskeys, can deposit any amount of money they want and acquire this collection at a certain percentage.

Whiskey enthusiasts, who want to buy whiskey directly instead of investing in it, can purchase any whiskey they want through an online system.

Founder of Single Malt Fund Christian Svantesson, briefly summarizes the fund as follows:

“It's a Commodity fund, you just get whiskey instead of gold.”

Christian Svantesson

Nadir viskilerin son yıllarda oldukça karlı bir yatırım aracı olduğunu belirten Svantesson, sadece geçen sene bu tür viskilerin ortalama *%28 değer kazandığını belirtiyor. Bu rakama 2010’dan itibaren baktığımızda ise büyüme oranı tam olarak *%370’miş.

*The figures are the index of the world's most valuable 1000 single malts. Rare Whiskey 101Taken from.

I can share a few very recent examples to better explain what numbers are called for rare whiskeys:

A 50-year-old piece was sold at an auction in Hong Kong in January 2018. Yamazaki single malt was bought for 298,879$ and became the most expensive Japanese whiskey. In the same auction, Macallan Millennium Decanter 50 Year Old 1949 expression 62.922$ and Karuizawa Single Malt Whiskey Aged 50 Years 1965 expression found buyers for 55,057 $…

Yazamaki 50 Single Malt

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