Yamazaki 12, Suntory The expression of Yamazaki, which is the first whiskey distillery in Japan and was published in 1984. Aged for 12 years in a selection of bourbon, Spanish sherry and Mizunara Japanese oak barrels, Yamazaki 12 is bottled at an alcohol level of 43 degrees.

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Yamazaki 12 (Japon Single Malt, %43 abv)

Nose: The first thing I can say is that it is a very rich and aromatic whiskey. Tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana and mango are prominent. I can even say that I get a different fruit with every sniff. Peach, red apple, orange… In addition to fruity aromas, pleasant floral scents make you feel. Maybe too light straw. Quite spacious and pleasant. Fruity and floral aromas are followed by honey, vanilla, hazelnut and oak. Especially oak is very distinctive, like old wood smells. 

Palate: Compared to the nose, we are faced with a more spicy and slightly burning palate. Sweet aromas such as red apple, orange, toffee and vanilla are accompanied by cinnamon, hazelnut and slightly peppery flavors. Oak notes are evident on the palate as well as on the nose. In general, he is of an intense and strong character.

Finish: Medium to long. Red Apple, vanilla, tobacco and black pepper.

Overall: Yamazaki 12 may be one of the whiskeys I have had the most trouble writing my tasting notes for. This is because Yamazaki 12 is really rich and aromatic… Especially the richness in the nose is magnificent!

For this expression, I can briefly say that fruity aromas meet with oaky and sharp spicy flavors. I tried recently Yamazaki Distiller's ReserveWhen I compare it to , I can say that it has a hotter and peppery character on the palate and a slightly shorter performance in the finish.

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Yamazaki 12
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