The Signature expression of the distillery, Morris Signature Australian Single Malt made with 100% local barley and distilled in traditional copper pot stills before aged approximately 3-4 years in Morris Winery’s fortified wine barrels.

Morris Signature Australian Single Malt (40%)

Nose: Starts quite fruity and floral with apples, pears, cherries and biscuity notes. Followed by honey, cereal and chocolate. Quite approachable.

Palate: Dark cherry, dried fruit, caramel, chocolate and marmalade jam. Followed by some wood spices and orange zest. Balanced and well rounded.

Finish: A medium long finish with dried fruit, oak and spices.

A very approachable, well rounded and fruity Single Malt from the distillery. In a blind tasting it would be impossible to predict this one is a 3-4 years old whisky, just incredible.


Price at the time of tasting: £53.25 – Available on Whisky Exchange

Morris Signature Australian Single Malt
84%Overall Score

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