A Blended Scotch whisky from independent bottler Watt Whisky, and is a blend made of 43% North British grain, 28.5% Campbeltown malt and 28.5% Glasgow malt whiskies. This whisky is the first expression that is blended and married by the company itself. Finished in a refill sherry butt and bottled at 57.1% abv.

Watt Whisky Blended Scotch Whisky 2017 – 5 Year Old (Blended Scotch, 57.1%)

Nose: Starts sweet with toffee, pear and pineapple, followed by strong sulphury and dusty notes. Quite complex

Palate: Similar with the nose but more sherry effect on the palate with some raisin and plum. Oily and full-bodied.

Finish: A medium finish with sherried and sulphury notes.

A very good Blended whisky with good complexity and texture. Perfect price for value.


Price at the time of tasting: £47.95 – Available from Whisky Exchange

Watt Whisky Blended Scotch Whisky 2017 - 5 Year Old
86%Overall Score

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